This infographic is a summary of all the results from a suvey about “internal communication” at Bring.

Client: Bring Global

smart money people

This infographic ilustrates the mission and goals of the startup company Smart Money People.

Client: Smart Money People.

This infographic is a guide on car insurance options.

Client: Smart Money People.

This infographic is a guide on consumer credit.

Client: Smart Money People.

”Insurace Choice Award” was a marketing campaign by Smart Money People which consisted on asking British consumers to review insurance products and the companies that offer them. This infographic was sent to the targeted companies, as a way to involve them in the process.

Client: Smart Money People.

Ogilvy & Mather

This infographic ilustrates Ogilvy P.R.’s outstanding results, according to an official 2013 ranking.

Client: Ogilvy P.R.

This infographic suggests a set of rules a company should follow in order to successfuly hire and maintain a good relationshio with a communication agency .

Client: ADECEC

Ogilvy & Mather

This infographic explains why smoking is so harmfull to your health.

This infographic is a guide to help european citizens look for a job anywhere in the European Union.

Client: European Commission