Project from a workshop in Lean UX

Mobile App Prototype for EDIT


This project was the result of a workshop at EDIT. My team and I had to work on an app for the school. The goal was to implement a lean methodology.  Time was very limited, which meant we spent less time on research. This was possible because we, as students, were one of the target users.




To design an app where people can interact with the school. EDIT is dedicated to the areas of Digital / Interactive Design, Creativity, Technological & Mobile Development and Digital Marketing. Currently the school only has a website.

The challenge involved creating an MVP to test our assumptions and finish the workshop with a solution. We ended up just focusing on only one user flow due to the time constraint of the workshop.




Instead of interviewing the stakeholders (EDIT) and the target users (students currently enrolled and potential students interested in a digital training), we worked based on our own assumptions

Competitor analysis was also omitted due to time constraints.


Example of our assumption in important features:

  1. Application form.
  2. Personal area for students:
    1. Access to the recommended literature and other content shared by the teacher.
    2. History of all the courses attended. Recommendations for future courses.
  1. Chat for contact (chat bot when the school is closed).
  2. Calendar with events.

The app was intended to:

  1. Produce an increase in the number of applications.
  2. Present the available courses in an appealing way.
  3. Increase the awareness of the school in the market.

We identified what the website wasn’t offering:

  1. A simple application process.
  2. It had many visits but not many applications.

Overall it didn’t make the school a top of mind brand for courses in this area which was causing loss of potential customers.

We set ourselves to measure the success of the app through:

  1. The number of downloads.
  2. The number of applications made through the app.
  3. The % of contacts made through the app per month.


We created 2 personas based on our own insights and experience:

  1. Professional profile: someone in their 30s who wants to gain a new skill or switch careers.
  2. Recently graduated student profile: someone in their 20s who is looking for a specialization, and who may welcome some career choice advice.


We worked mainly on using “gamification” to humanize the course selection and the application flow.   


The Persona we chose to focus on was the Recently graduated student (“Maria”) who is feeling a bit lost and indecisive and is looking for some guidance  on choosing the right course.

We went on to produce a Low-Fi paper prototype. After that we tested it with possible users using Pop Marvel.


The feedback we got from our first test was the following:

  1. The flow was light and fast.
  2. The language used was pleasant and turns the process into a conversation.
  3. The first screen (“do you know what you want: yes/no”) was regarded as confusing,  and needed better copywriting.
  4. The circles didn’t match the visual identity of the brand, which are squares.


We used this feedback to improve our flow and wireframes.

We then tested the prototype before moving to the UI phase.


We kept the visual identity of the client. Below are the mock ups screens from my final design.

The prototype was done in Invision.