Forever 21

The goal of this campaign was to announce the opening of the first FOREVER 21 shop in Spain. We had to create value over the brand’s identity, since it was largely unknown in the spanish market.

Target: Teenagers and young adults.

Creative Concept
"USA to Madrid. Big Opening." Starred by our FOREVER 21 Dorothy
Acciones: prensa, exteriores, tienda, centro comercial
Bus, metro and shopping center billboards.
In the metro.
In the shop.
Oz inspired merchandise.
Online campaign.
The finished basket with the presents.
"Where does the yellow road take?" Try on the yellow boots and find out!
A yellow trail at the metro would mimic the already existing safety limit lines.
Escalators at the shopping center. Each step would have a word of the claim "Follow the yellow road. Follow FOREVER 21".
The inauguration event.
Yellow frames would be given as a welcoming gift to the first clients.
FOREVER 21 tweets: "Where would you go with a magic pair of shoes that can take you wherever you want?"; "What is your Emerald City?". The users who participate with tweets or pictures would get discounts at the shop.
Outdoors actions.
They take you to your "Emerald City" (Xanadú, the shopping center).
Actions at Xanadú (the shopping center)
Poppies would be distributed at the parking, with the message "Don't fall asleep in the yellow road. Get your 10% discount". Clients would then hand over the poppies at the shop and the clerk would stick them on a wall.
The shop's entrance would be the yellow road. The first customers would get themed merchandise.
Christmas decorations at the shop would follow the Oz theme (the opening was meant to be in December).
Facebook page. "What's your emerald city?''